Production Cost Optimization Toolset by rarebrain institute

Production Cost Optimization Toolset

-Creatively cut production costs while keeping efficiency and quality high. Explore diverse methods of evolving your strategies​
-Shift fixed costs to variable costs so you can scale up or down based on market demand
-Improve production efficiency and reduce waste, rework, scrap and bottlenecks

Plug your gross margin leaks

Inefficiencies in your production process are expensive and time-consuming. Let us show you how to increase throughput and see a positive impact in your margins. 

Production Optimization Playbook

Our Products and Services Optimization Playbook is a culmination of our two decades of experience transforming businesses for the better. 

Get ready to get more efficient with higher margins and reduced production times. 

Tool I: Production Cost Reduction

Quickly reduce production costs so you can improve your company’s margins and thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Isolate areas of margin drain and the silos of waste that plague almost all companies.

Video Trainings

Increase retention by diversifying your learning channels and maximize your insight with these video trainings. This tool comes with the following no-nonsense high value video lessons:
Get smart about the factors bleeding your margins, and learn how to plug those leaks ASAP. We will explain the concept of margin drain and its impact to your company’s gross margin.
Inefficiency is overwhelming. Locating the root of the problem is even more challenging. But did you know wastes in production actually fall into three categories Discover this easy classification method and be better prepared to handle production wastes as they arise. 

Something is wrong in your production process, but you can’t figure out what. It could be multiple inefficiencies or one large underlying factor. We’ll help you clear that up. Equip yourself to identify the areas in which waste is being created, and what to do about them. 

Profit and Loss Statements are deceiving. And if all you do is track things with $ signs, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. We will uncover the hidden aspects of your profit and loss statement.
We discuss extended value streams and how they impact your company. You will learn to look at the complete value cycle from order origination to bill collection. 
A game-changing practice that will reframe your mindset. Discover a Japanese philosophy that will unleash your business’s gross margins…but only if you have one key factor. 

Our margins went up 200%. Over one year, rarebrain helped us drastically improve our margins.

Jon MacDonald, 
CEO, The Good Group

We got a 20x return on our investment. Our return with rarebrain was twenty to forty fold.

Darren Fenn, 
CEO, Upsource

Where can you trim the fat?

Almost all companies have waste in their production process, and many believe its unavoidable. Let us show you how and where to stitch up the areas of waste costing you money.

Tool II: Improving Production Efficiency

Unleash your productivity with this production efficiency tool. Realize methods to streamline your processes so you can reduce non-value added waste, disruptions, uneven work flow and more. 

Video Trainings

Increase retention by diversifying your learning channels and maximize your insight with these video trainings. This tool comes with the following no-nonsense, high value video lessons:
Trying to figure out inefficiencies in your process by digging through a pile of numbers can feel like translating a foreign language. But the truth is, you don’t need to understand how every single factor affects everything else: you just need insights into the data that really matters to improving margins
Looking to smooth your throughput?  What if we told you all systems work--they just might not produce a useful outcome? Reboot your system and eliminate the factors wasting your money. 
The secret to optimizing your production time is scheduling. Cut costs and speed up your production time simultaneously by learning how to eliminate as much wasted time as possible. 
Identify the areas that are accumulating waste within your company and track them month to month and quarter to quarter to minimize damage. This training covers problem areas you may not have even considered before.

Exclusive Bonus Video Training

Enjoy this bonus video with the purchase of this playbook!
No, it's not the quality you're thinking: did you know poor quality work is actually more expensive for your company, both in the short and long term? The difference is dangerous, and you won't want to miss ways to save huge amounts of money.

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