Labor Cost Optimization Toolset by rarebrain institute

Labor Cost Optimization Toolset

- Lower your labor costs by improving employee productivity during work hours
- Improve employee morale and decrease stagnation and turnover
- Avoid knowledge loss and burnout with tested strategies to engage employees

Labor Optimization Playbook

Our Labor Cost Reduction Playbook is a culmination of our two decades of experience transforming businesses for the better. 
You will think up ways to reduce labor costs so you can reduce overtime and other overages. This playbook is the all-in-one asset you didn’t know you needed.

Lower your labor costs

A poorly managed workplace can get Find ways to reduce waste while preserving company culture. 

Tool I: Labor Cost Reduction

Build an action plan to scale your labor costs up or down based on demand while maximizing employee morale.

Video Trainings

Increase retention by diversifying your learning channels and maximize your insight with these video trainings. This tool comes with the following no-nonsense high value video lessons:
Busywork is the enemy of an efficient and engaged workforce. Use this training (and exercise) with your team to discern which activities are useful, and which are just eating money.
When planning for lower cost of goods sold, are you thinking beyond direct labor? Take a closer look at what should also be looking at in this training video.
Many businesses mark up their products without understanding the real difference between Gross margins and Mark Up. Knowing how to integrate these two aspects  can dramatically impact  your bottom line. We’ll show you.   

Our margins went up 200%. Over one year, rarebrain helped us drastically improve our margins.

Jon MacDonald, 
CEO, The Good Group

We got a 20x return on our investment. Our return with rarebrain was twenty to forty fold.

Darren Fenn, 
CEO, Upsource

Struggling with employee turnover?

We have the tools to inspire you to strengthen your company culture.

Tool 2: Managing Employees Tool

Optimize your employee management strategy to keep employees happy, improve company culture, and ensure turnover stays low. This tool will help you improve performance and  strengthen your company culture. 
How do your company's vision and core values play out within the workspace? Are they supported by  activity and financial strategy? Discover the answers to these questions and more through a lens of optimizing labor.
Learn how to break down your goals and connect the right dots to create the right top down alignment in your business.  
We run into companies all the time where timelines, deliverables, and results are constantly negotiated, and then renegotiated. We show you how to create a culture of accountability.

Exclusive Bonus Video Training

Enjoy this bonus video with the purchase of this playbook!

Standards of work are an often-discussed, rarely-implemented concept floating around in many a workplace. Here's how to make KPIs and employee accountability as real as it should be, so you can understand your labor force better and identify negative patterns as they arise.
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